turfUnhappy with your lawn? Or just can’t seem to get that perfect manicured effect? No need to worry there are people out there with the skills and expertise to get get you back on track. If your garden has become overgrown and weeds have taken hold throughout, sometimes it’s best to remove it all and lay fresh turf. It’s easier than you might think and there are companies who can handle the whole procedure. In Australia, the harsh elements can have a terrible effect on grass. The intense heat and sunlight makes it difficult to keep a well manicured lawn. But if a garden does need to be overhauled it can be done in a relatively short space of time, and with minimum disruption to the homeowner.


Selecting the Right Turf Variety


However, turf comes in many varieties, and it’s best to do a little research to find the right one for your needs. Let’s look at some of the most common options for today’s gardens:


Matilda – This lawn is often found in residential gardens. It is tough, drought tolerant, evergreen grass which makes it idea for homes with well used garden spaces. Pet friendly and hard wearing, this is an ideal choice for the average garden, day care centre, school, or public space. Low maintenance with a luscious, buoyant feel, this is a great all rounder.

Matilda grass


Wintergreen Couch – A very sun tolerant and weather durable grass. However, it is not well suited to areas of high traffic. Used more for commercial area than homes, it is high maintenance, but does produce an attractive dense growth which is highly resistant to weed invasion.


Soft-Leaf Buffalo – Good durability but not as drought resistant as some varieties. It is a thick grass and has a great feel – ideal for pets and people. It also reacts well to damage and has a very quick recovery time. Also it’s thickness and high density makes it highly resistant to weeds.


Kikuyu – This grass is originally from the highlands of East Africa, Kikuyu is now used in many coastal regions of Australia. It has a very high growth rate, and a fantastic drought tolerance, which makes it one of the most robust grasses on the market.

kikuyu turf and dog


Kenda Kikuyu – This Australian breed grass holds it’s winter green colour very well, even in climates where frost can cause many varieties to become brown. It has a broad leaf and a quick growth rate. This makes it a very hard wearing grass, highly suitable for schools, sports fields, commercial areas, and high use home gardens.


There are several factor to consider before choosing a suitable turf and It is best to seek the advice of an industry expert. Companies like Sydney based A View Turf Supplies can help customers make informed decisions before buying. There is almost certainly a variety of grass ideal for a customer’s particular needs.